Holiday Posts – Turkey In A Nutshell


So if you’ve read my last couple of posts you will know I have been on holiday for two weeks. Me and Luke went to Marmaris in Turkey and had such an amazing time. We’ve never been to Turkey before but we absolutely loved it and would definitely recommend it, we had no idea how beautiful it would be! To reminisce about the great time we had and to share a little bit of what we got up to I have put together this very picture heavy post, so click to read more if you want to have a sneak peek at our holiday!




We were big fans of the pool but didn’t quite get the cool underwater shot down, maybe next time eh! p.s. I promise I’m not naked, I’m wearing a strapless bikini!


It was also our first time going all-inclusive so we made the most of the drinks all day every day, my favourite tipple was a blue slush, holidays are perfect times for slushies!


Every night at dinner they had the most amazing-looking array of desserts on offer, but every one we tried was either too sweet or not to our taste, so every night without fail we got ice creams with dinner. My favourite flavours were cherry and lemon, delish!


Normally we buy an inflatable ring when we go on holiday but this year we went wild and got a lilo, check us out the crazy kids! ha


The main reason we got a lilo is because on our first day we realised you could take them on the pool slide and they were allowing two people to go on at once. So every day we were at the pool after that ,we were on the slide every afternoon, I think we were the only adults who spent that much time on the slide!

Livin’ the dream.


On our first trip down to the beach one evening we were absolutely blown away by how scenic and beautiful it was, cue lots of picture taking.

A sunbed selfie, its a holiday must.


Despite the wide array of food for breakfast each morning, I had pancakes every day. (Apart from the rubbish days where they had waffles instead). If you can’t have pancakes and syrup for breakfast everyday on holiday when can you?

We went on an amazing jeep safari through the mountains and villages off the beaten track around Marmaris.

The stop off point views on the trip were incredible.

The beach stop on the trip was at the most gorgeous little cove with crystal clear water and barely anyone on the beach.

It also had the most picture perfect jetty going off into the distance, this view at sunset would be so good!

Here’s my ‘ice cream delight’ face.

We also went on a lovely boat trip. I wasn’t sure how to make this angle flattering, I think I failed miserably.

We also indulged in some serious boat trip posing.

And some silly posing (well on my face anyway!)


We also gave some watersports a go. Luke did a spot of parasailing while I got a free hour boat trip waiting for him and all the other parasailers, win! I have done parasailing before but decided not to this time because the fear took over me when I saw the wind some days. But there will be other opportunities so I’m sure I’ll do it another time again!

My favourite was jet skiing, I loved it! I just wish we could have done it for longer.

We did some lazy pedalo-ing in the sun which was lovely and relaxing. But my pedals didn’t seem to work properly which was so unfortunate (for Luke anyway).

We gave the marina a visit a couple of times, drooling over all the huge yachts, oh to be rich enough to afford a holiday on a private yacht.

More ice cream delight faces, we just couldn’t get enough.

So this is my jumping face, real attractive right.

Couples jumping time, I think people at the pool thought we were a bit weird.

Getting floral with it.


On our last day we went off to a mud bath, probably one of the stinkiest places I’ve ever been. Its supposed to do wonders for your skin, unfortunately we didn’t feel the effects, but it was an experience nonetheless!

After the mud bath we had a leisurely river boat ride.

We saw ancient Lycian tombs carved into the rock face.

And visited a turtle beach where the turtles come to lay their eggs.


One of our last beach shots of the holiday before we came home. So there you have it, our holiday in a snapshot nutshell, hope you liked having a sneak peek!


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