Holiday Posts – Turkey Lookbook Part One

If you’re not subscribed to my YouTube channel then you won’t know that I uploaded a holiday lookbook last week with the evening outfits I wore in the first week of my trip to Turkey. So if you’re not already subscribed then please subscribe here so you don’t miss any of my videos in the future, and it would make me super happy too! Or you may not like outfits in a video format, so I have put together a post of the photos of the outfits I wore in the evenings, and also the bikinis I wore in the day. I didn’t wear much of note in the day other than beach cover ups and shorts and tshirts so I’ve just shown what bikinis I wore. So hopefully you fancy a sneak peek into my holiday wardrobe.

The video and photos are below with all outfit information. I didn’t do full outfit photos each night, just a quick snap of what I wore as I didn’t have my DSLR with me, and it was hard enough getting Luke to film the lookbook for me, never mind outfit photos too. Anyway enough of my rambling, get looking at what the post is actually about down below.



dress – H&M, sandals – NEW LOOK —— bikini – H&M


top – H&M, skirt – H&M, jelly shoes – NEW LOOK —— bikini top – ASOS, bikini bottoms – TOPSHOP


playsuit – H&M, bag H&M, sandals – PRIMARK ——- bikini – ASOS


top – TOPSHOP, shorts – MANGO, jelly shoes – JUJUĀ @ OFFICE, cardigan – H&M ——- bikini – ASOS


playsuit – H&M, sunglasses – H&M, bag – H&M, sandals – PRIMARK ——- bikini top – DEBENHAMS, bikini bottoms – TOPSHOP


top – PRIMARK, skirt – PRIMARK, shoes – PRIMARK, cuff – ASOS ——– bikini top – NEW LOOK, bikini bottoms – TOPSHOP


dress – MANGO, sandals – NEW LOOK ——- bikini – ASOS



As you can see I am a big fan of H&M clothes and ASOS bikinis. But I promise my entire wardrobe does not consist of just those brands haha. Hope you enjoyed this post, I will be doing a part two in the next couple of days once my lookbook part two is up so keep your eyes peeled!

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