Hauling & #HolidayBlogProblems


Super duper annoyingly my chief photographer (my mum) was away last week so I couldn’t take any outfit photos. It also meant that I couldn’t easily pre-photograph outfits for the next two weeks while I am away on holiday. I am actually sat in my hotel room writing this on my iPad. Is blogging on an iPad the hardest thing ever or is it just me being awkward and useless?? Anyway, I’m so annoyed with myself that there’s barely any posts on my blog over the past week and now these two weeks coming possibly as well. However there is currently a huge haul video up over on my youtube channel so if you fancy watching that while I’m away then I’d love ya! I might try and do a few blog posts while I am away, so if the internet and my iPad patience holds up then you might be seeing me! If not then I’ll see you in two weeks! Hope you’re having a great week!


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