Last night me, mum and Louis went for a lovely walk by the seaside and it made me realise something…


There are so many places in my local area that I really don’t know, and haven’t explored before and that needs to change! These photos were taken in Hythe, somewhere I have only ever walked along the seafront. But yesterday we walked through a park I never knew was there, and walked along the river that I’ve only ever looked at through the car window, I have no idea why I haven’t wandered around more before now! So this summer I am going to try and explore my county a lot lot more. I tend to stick to places and things that I know and only see travelling and exploring as something you do when you go abroad, instead I am going to travel around my county as much as I can and see places I’ve never seen before that are right on my doorstep. I also want to be a bit more of a ‘yes (wo)man’ and take every opportunity to do and see things, I want to get up and out and live my life rather than sitting indoors doing the same old things. I want to bake new things, and sew new things, and take more photographs and just generally take advantage of my life more. I’m going to try and document as much of this as I can, whether that be in blog posts or in videos on my youtube channel, you will hopefully be seeing a lot of what I’m doing. Summer 2014 I’m coming for ya! 

Is there anything you want to do or see this summer?


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