Feeling Like A Princess

This is my dress that I have dubbed my princess dress…

Dress – Oriental Pearl at Bluewater shopping centre (several years old)

Shoes – Debenhams (several years old)


Its been quiet on the old blog front for the past week because it was my birthday at the start of the week and the rest of the week got a bit too busy for outfit photos. I am now the grand old age of 23, I really don’t want to be 23, I feel fully in my twenties now! On the day I went to London and had a great day on the open top tour bus and a boat trip down the Thames. I love being a tourist.

Anyway, breezing past that sadness about my age, it was my cousins’ belated 30th birthday party this weekend and the dress code was posh frocks. So I thought I could wear one of my prom dresses and I really wanted to wear this one that I wore for my prom when I was 18 (I also have my prom dress from my prom when I was 16). My mum doubted I could still get into it but luckily for me I haven’t changed much size-wise in the past 5 years (that pains me hugely to think that its been 5 years since I was 18, where did the time go?!?).

I feel like an absolute princess in this dress. I only managed to snap a few quick pics before leaving for the party but I just had to put this dress on my blog because I love it so. Hopefully I get to wear it again the future, but for now I’ll just put it back away in the wardrobe and drown my sorrows about being 23!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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