Current Music Top 5

I really love music because of how much a single song can change your mood, there’s nothing like a good old boogie in your room or while cooking in the kitchen to perk you right up. I used to include songs I was loving at the time at the end of my outfit posts but I haven’t done that for a while, and after seeing Kate from gh0stparties‘s post about her current music top 5 it inspired me to do my own, so here it is!


1. Pentatonix – Daft Punk

Yes I know I’m very very late to the party on this one but I’ve just discovered it and I adore it. My favourite part is Kirstie singing Digital Love, I can’t get it out of my head! If only I could sing that well! The video is also incredible, the 74 million+ views don’t lie. If like me you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen it then give it a watch here. Pentatonix you’re my new faves.


2. Karmin – Acapella

Whilst I was at uni many late evenings were spent at my boyfriend Luke’s house watching YouTube videos with his housemates. Luke and his best friend Alex always had new videos they had found and showed to the rest of us, one of the videos I was introduced to was Karmin’s Look At Me Now. We all watched loads of the Karmin videos and even tried to recreate Amy’s suicide roll hairstyle one night. Fast forward a couple of years and Karmin now have all their own original songs and my absolute favourite is Acapella. Its so catchy and I love the way Amy has sung it, even my mum listened to it and said ‘this girl is so good, I love her’. Now there’s a recommendation for ya! The videos pretty great too, so have a watch and a listen to it all here.


3. Gavin DeGraw – Best I Ever Had
Over the past month I have been fully immersed in a One Tree Hill marathon, start to finish, I have been glued. It’s one of my favourites and its a great one to rewatch from the start because there are so many episodes. If you know One Tree Hill then you will know how much Gavin DeGraw songs are featured in it. So while browsing on Spotify I had a look through the Gavin DeGraw songs and have discovered a favourite that I am pretty sure has been in the show, don’t quote me on that one though. Its a great song and I love how the pace/style of it changes halfway through. If you haven’t listened to much of Gavin DeGraw then give him a listen because he’s really good. Other favourites are Chariot and obviously (if you watch OTH) ‘I Don’t Want To Be’. Watch and listen to the song here.


4. Boyce Avenue – Speed Limit
Boyce Avenue were mentioned in one of Zoella’s videos and I decided to look them up on Spotify. A song that particularly took my fancy was Speed Limit. I just love the song because its an easy listen and the chorus makes me want to get up and dance. Have a listen to it here.


5. Duke Dumont – I Got You

I’m not the type of person that finds out about new bands before they get big, or listens to really underground music. I am probably what most people would call ‘mainstream’, chances are if its in the charts, I will like it. This is one of those songs that was on the radio all the time and crept into my brain and I loved it. Its such a mellow summery song. You’ve probably already heard it, but just in case you haven’t, give it a listen here.


A bit of a different post from me today but I hope you like it! Let me know if there’s any great songs tickling your pickle at the moment!

p.s. Bonus points if you noticed the name of the playlist on my iPod, if you haven’t seen The Internship then you need to so that you understand that reference *exchange-a-gram moment!!*



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