These photos have made me realise two things, the time to fake tan is upon me, and my hair has faded so much since I dyed it.

Top – Primark  |  Jeans – Paige  |  Shoes – Converse  |  Bag – Primark


My plan is to fake tan tonight and re-dye my hair some time this week. I now look at blonde-haired photos of me and can’t believe its me. Its such a weird feeling because that was me only a few weeks ago but already it feels like a completely different person. I never knew how hair colour could change how you feel so much!

In other news, I’ve fallen massively into a baking love affair so expect a few recipe posts from me in the next few weeks. I just can’t stop buying baking books! That coupled with my Masterchef obsession is really becoming a problem.

Happy Monday everyone!