Needs Must

I absolutely despise taking photos in my house instead of outside…

Shirt – Vintage  |  Jeans – New Look  |  Shoes – Topshop


They just look so naff and the colour is all off. But when the weather outside is ridiculously rainy and windy during the only opportunity you have to take outfit photos all week, needs must. Hence why these have been taken in my bedroom. Not my favourite pictures ever because the colour and angles aren’t what I would like them to be. My hair and skin look a really weird colour because of how much I’ve had to edit the brightness in order to make the photos usable. But they will have to do for this week. Hopefully the weather is on my side a bit more this weekend!

I just really wanted to show this shirt that I got at the Clothes Show Live back in December. Its from one of the vintage stalls and I just love it. Its really silky soft too which is nice.

How has your wednesday been?