Renewed Confidence

After some lovely comments on my last post about thinking about giving up blogging and some good news over the weekend, I’ve decided not to give up just yet…

Camo T-Shirt – Primark (mens)  |  Grey Long sleeve T-shirt – ASOS  |  Shorts – Hollister

Shoes – Converse  |  Bag – Ebay  |  Necklaces – Topshop


Thank you to everyone who left me a nice comment on my last blogpost where I said I was thinking about giving up blogging. I really appreciate every single one. It made me realise that I shouldn’t give up just yet.

I also had some good news on the job front which renewed some confidence in myself. Tomorrow I start a paid 6-month social media internship up in London. It is something that I had 2 interviews for and had to complete a small project for, so I felt like my hard work paid off. If you have been following my blog since last year or know me then you will know my final year of uni comprised of nothing but fashion social media. So to get an internship in this field is exactly what I wanted. And its paid! I will actually be paid to do something I love, how amazing is that.

So the comments and the good news on the career start combined to make me realise I shouldn’t give up this little blog of mine, I should persevere because something good always comes in the end if you just keep trying.

Theres that saying, ‘the only true failure is the failure to try’. I think I should start living by that a bit more.

Hope you’ve had a good Monday!