Hello 2014!


So this is how I have spent my first day of 2014! Sleeping in till noon, spending the rest of the day in my pjs watching TV and doing a spot of baking. If thats not a good way to start the year, I don’t know what is! I just had a quiet night in for New Years this year, I’m not really that fussed about doing anything spectacular for New Year, I’d rather be cosy in my pjs eating chocolate and sweets! What did you do for New Year?

I thought I would do a quick little review of what my resolutions and plans were for 2013 to see if I had fulfilled them, and set myself some new aims for 2014. I think I prefer the word aims rather than resolutions, its more of a goal then. So last year I wrote a list of To Dos and Resolutions for 2013, and here they are;

– Apply for internships – I have in fact done this and completed 3 internships in 2013

– Take a photo every day – I had an app called Photo 365 to help me to do this, and I fared quite well up until the end of July, only missing a few days but then I seemed to forget about it sadly

– Blog more – I posted less in 2013 than 2012, with 113 posts in 2013 to 140 in 2012, I think this was down to the fact I was spending so much time finishing my degree for half of the year

– Try YouTube – I have in fact done this, starting my channel in September, so I’m pleased I built up the guts to do it

– Eat more fruit and veg – I have eaten a lot more healthily this year definitely, sometimes even reaching my 5 a day, go me! haha

– Less sugar/sweets – I think I have epically failed at this, I blame the stress of uni

– Gym at least once a week – yeah this didn’t happen, sorry not sorry

– Graduate uni with a 2:1 or a first – my biggest achievement of the year/my life, I came out of uni with a first!! that pretty much made my year

– Body moisturise everyday – yeah this didn’t happen either, it takes too long to dry! aint nobody got time for that

So I think I did alright overall!

Now heres for 2014, my aims and hopes for this year!

– Find a job
– Take a photo a day (do better than last year!)
– Less sugar/sweets (maybe limited to weekends? but I cant promise on that one)
– Exercise more (emphasis on the ‘more’, because I just can’t commit to becoming a daily/weekly gym bunny)
– More fruit & veg (do even better than last year)
– Blog more (try to blog 5x a week, I hope!)
– Body moisturise regularly (because once a day is too much like hard work)
– Keep up a proper skincare routine
– Continue YouTube-ing
– Move into my own place
– Give more compliments
– Participate in some form of fundraising event

So thats it, 2013 and 2014 aims in a nutshell, hopefully I can be here this time next year saying I did well this year! Have you set yourself any aims for 2014?
Happy New Year to you! 🙂