A Christmas Tradition

Man that is a big photo of our faces! Anyway we went to London today and I thought I’d share a few pictures…


The day started off with a quick stopover at Westfield Stratford with Luke’s family for a quick coffee, and then we headed into Central London. Luke had no idea where to go, so I googled free places to go in London and The British Museum popped up. As we had a bit of time to kill before the main event of the day (more on that in a minute) we decided to go and have a quick look around. Neither of us have been there before and we were pretty impressed by the building on the outside, who knew that was sitting in the midst of London! I love discovering new places like this.


And it was even more impressive inside, just look at that! And it looked amazing with the clear blue skies above.


Here’s me rocking my new fox scarf. 

We only had about 25 minutes to have a quick look around the museum before we had to shoot off, but we have decided we definitely want to go back and spend a proper day there because it seems like such an amazing museum.


Our next port of call for the day was Southbank. Luke had seen that there was an event on at the skateboarding area to petition to save the area from being closed down. So there were loads of skaters there, spectators, supporters and film crews to promote the campaign against the closure. We signed the petition, Luke bought a t-shirt, and we watched for a little while.

I’ve decided I like boys on skateboards.

Then we had to literally run off to our next place of the day, I’m not even joking about the running, I actually had chest pains from it. Someone seriously needs to sort their fitness out.


After the running we arrived at Winter Wonderland Magical Ice Kingdom! Now we have already been to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland this festive season (just before Christmas) but it was pouring so we didn’t feel like ice skating or anything and it was a bit miserable. So we promised to come back after Christmas before it closed, which didn’t look too hopeful with all this rain, but we saw it was giving the rain a break today and so we booked up quickly before Winter Wonderland closes on Sunday. We also said we wanted to see what the Ice Kingdom was all about, so that we did.


It was absolutely freezing! And my memory card chose now to freak out, so every picture after entering the Ice Kingdom didn’t save and my camera didn’t work for the rest of the day. Yay for technology thats supposedly freeze proof to -25 degrees celsius! (It was -8c in there). These pictures are the ones Luke took on his phone. It was amazing in there, it must have taken so much work!

This guy looked pretty angry!


And finally we made it to the main point of the day! Ice skating! Every year since we met we have been to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and been ice skating, the first year we went was the first time Luke had ever ice skated, so its become our little tradition. 


And we always buy the pictures. Cheesy but we love it.


So there we have it, 5 years running we have continued our little tradition. I’m still a bit bambi on ice though! Perhaps I should try practising throughout this year so I can look like a pro next year?
Do you have any traditions you like to do at Christmas and New Year? I officially feel like the festive season is over now! 🙁