On a sunny but freezing day a week and a half ago, I graduated.

This is a bit delayed seeing as I graduated on the 22nd November, but here is a post about my graduation nonetheless. I had a fantastic day and it was so nice to see Southampton and all my course friends again. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of me on my own, which I was quite upset about, but because of the cold weather I just rushed through getting my photos taken outside and didn’t realise I didn’t have any on my own. Hopefully the professional photo of me on my own will make me feel a little bit better about that, but I can’t change it now! I took my mum, aunty and nan to the ceremony, and at the last minute, Luke managed to get a ticket to come into the actual ceremony rather than watch it on a screen somewhere else, so that absolutely made my day.

I graduated with a 1st, after 3 years of hard work and tears I was so pleased to get that grade. I didn’t think my grade was that important to me but when I got my results in July I was so proud of myself and felt like I’d done everyone and myself proud.

It also marked the official end of my uni life, so thanks for having me Southampton, I wouldn’t change the past 3 years for the world. Despite the ups and downs uni has definitely grown me as a person and I will always think happily of my time in Southampton. I think for me, I was at a part of my life where I really needed to move away from home and prove myself to remind myself that I could do something with my life. And Southampton was the perfect place for that. Bye uni and thanks for all the memories!



p.s. feeling a bit totes emosh writing this! oh dear!