That Sugar Coated Iceberg Tastes So Sweet

I’ve ventured out for some outfit photos! …

Dress – Urban Outfitters  |  Shirt – Topshop  |  Boots – Topshop


When I look at that double picture of me all I can think is ‘the creepy twins from The Shining’. Is it just me that sees it? ha. Speaking of The Shining, I really should watch that again soon, its such a classic. I still don’t get the ending though, so confuddling. I don’t like ambiguous-make-your-own-mind-up endings. Apart from movie musings I’ve actually ventured outside my garden to take some outfit photos. I think I need to get a bit more confident with it though. There were several embarrassing moments where my mum had to pretend she was taking photos of the trees as someone walked past because I didn’t want to pose with people about. I’d better man up if I want some better backgrounds, or find some secluded/people-free areas. Hope you have a good weekend! I’ll be back posting on Monday.

p.s. the horrideous-ness that is my roots will be going on Monday, yay! Fingers crossed it doesn’t go wrong for once.