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Zara Two-Sided Scarf

This scarf is so snuggly and huge it’s like a shawl as well, I love a two in one!


River Island Sunglasses

I’ve wanted these sunglasses for ages after seeing them on Lily Melrose (I think they’re these ones anyway!), but they weren’t online or in any shops I went to. I finally found them in Brighton this weekend. I know its not summer anymore but sunglasses are always a must.


Primark Christmas Jumper

Me and Luke wanted to get tacky Christmas jumpers so we went into Primark at the weekend and each tried on about 6 different jumpers. I settled on the Robin bird one, it was just made for me! I do kind of want to get another one but I don’t know if its just a waste of money?

In other news, I am loving Avicii’s album, my favourite song is ‘Dear Boy’, I have got that on all the time at the moment!