Halloween Outfit

I went to a Halloween party last weekend and here is what I wore/looked like. For a while I had been looking on Pinterest for Halloween make-up inspiration and I found some great examples of creepy dolls, so I decided thats what I wanted to be. I used this image as my main inspiration. I used white and black Snazaroo face paints from the fancy dress shop, MAC Russian Red lipstick on my lips, Ardell and Eylure eyelashes on my eyelids and under my eyes, and MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder on my cheeks (from the MAC Disney Venomous Villains collection).

For my outfit I just wore a Little Miss Muffet dress I had worn before, some cream tights from Primark (cannot be seen in these photos) which I ripped and added blood to, and a black bow detail headband from Accessorize.

So there is my Halloween outfit. Maybe I should find something else to wear and go out trick or treating tonight? I might be a bit too old for trick or treating, but anything for free sweets hey!

Hope you have a scary Halloween!


p.s. did you watch that Release the Hounds on ITV2 the other night? I thought it was terrifying!