Venice Final Day


On our final day in Venice we were conscious of getting to the airport for our flight so we decided to stick to where we knew. However this all went down the pan and we ended up exploring even further than the previous couple of days, typical. The part of the plan we did stick to was trying to see as many of the highlights left in the guidebook that we possibly could before we had to leave. The majority of this that we managed to accomplish was the churches, we saw all of the churches on the list, as you can see from the picture of the guidebook above. I ticked off the stuff we had seen to make it more visual so we felt like we had done a fair bit. The churches were relatively easy to see as they were open every day, and were the cheapest to visit. Even then it was at least €3 to go into every church which seems a bit outrageous for a place of worship. We also saw Venetian ambulances which fascinated me, the yellow boats in the photo above are their ambulances. The only worry I have with this is that if you’re quite far from the Grand Canal then how easily can they get to you down the winding alleyways? Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself if you’re ever in Venice! So our final few hours were spent seeing as much as we could, and getting a last cheeky ice cream. Mum’s was Grand Marnier flavoured, as you can tell by her delighted face in the photo above.
After all the sight seeing was done we rushed off to the airport, several hours early because we weren’t sure about how long the water bus transfer would take, this meant that we were too early to check in for our flight so we were bumped onto an earlier one, leaving in 45 minutes. Cue mad dash to get checked in, through security and onto the plane, but we made it and managed to get home that little bit earlier.
All in all I thought Venice was beautiful and if you have a lot of money to splash, I would definitely recommend it. If you want to go then be prepared to spend a lot of money to see things such as museums, famous sights and galleries, a lot of money on food, and a lot of money if you want to go on the famous gondolas. Not a place for scrimping.
I’d say its a place you should see at least once if you are able to. Anyway that’s the end of my days in Venice, hope you enjoyed these posts if you’ve been reading them. I’d better get packing again because I’m off to Florida tomorrow! Aren’t I a lucky sod! I’d better make the most of it because once I come home its onto the job hunt 🙂