Venice Day Two


Dress – Topshop

Bag – market stall


On our second day in Venice I had mapped out a plan of attack. After an impulse buy in the airport we had with us this mini guide book, because to be honest neither of us had looked up anything about Venice so we had no idea what sights to see while we were there. Prepared as ever. In the front of the book there are 2 pages of “highlights” of Venice, so we figured our aim would be to see as many of those as possible. Venice is divided into six sestieri, or neighbourhoods, so we aimed to hit 2 of these  areas and the highlights within them. Now Venice is very difficult to navigate, with no roads, just alleyways and pathways, everything looks the same. So we managed to get lost within the first hour and only saw a couple of the things we planned to, as the first thing we found on the list was closed on Mondays, the day we were there. Just our luck. So instead we ended up spending the day wandering around what we could find, had a trip on the waterbus down the Grand Canal and finding our feet. Our first full day in Venice taught me that its a hard place to find your way around, and it is very very expensive, €9 for a soft drink in one place! Check back soon for what we got up to the next day! 🙂