Venice Day Three



Dungarees – Topshop

T-Shirt – ASOS

Shoes – Topshop

Sunglasses – H&M


On our third day in Venice we planned to visit all of the sights around St Marks Square. We began with Doge’s Palace which essentially was a big old, beautiful building where the sort of ‘council’ running Venice used to hold their meetings etc. Not put very well but thats the basic gist. But like many museums/houses you can’t take photos inside, annoying much! It was beautiful so I would say visiting is a must if you’re in Venice. After that we went to St Marks Basilica. The outside view was not as beautiful as it probably normally would be as most of it was covered in scaffolding, then we went inside and were completely underwhelmed. I wouldn’t really recommend waiting to go inside as there are other much more impressive churches you can visit in Venice. Next up was the Campanile, a big tall thin tower with a bell at the top, you can see a photo of this in my previous Venice post. The views from this were stunning, I would definitely recommend. It is €8 a person but I would say that it was worth it. Finally we went to the Museo Correr, again somewhere where pictures are prohibited so I have nothing to show for that either. I would also recommend this as it was a good historical look at Venice. This day was much more successful day than the day before as we stuck to the same area meaning we could find everything! For dinner we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, a tradition me and my mum have started, whereby we try to have dinner at Hard Rock everywhere we go that they have one, so far we have done 9 out of 175 (says Wikipedia ;)). So we have a long way to go! After dinner it was absolutely lashing it down, so we donned our pac-a-macs and ran home, only to realise we didn’t have any ice cream that day. We had been having ice cream everyday in Venice so far, so rather than have a day off we put our macs back on and went out in the rain in search of some ice cream. Its fun to do silly things like that. I have one more post to do about Venice so check back for that soon! 🙂