Is It Just Me

When I was between the ages of roughly 15-18 and starting to find my own style, I loved River Island bags. They were the only bags I would buy because I just loved everything each season. I have quite a few of their bags now, 3 of which I have pictured above. However, my love affair with their handbag range has subsided rather a lot, and I think I’ve figured out why. The metal River Island logo slapped on the front of the vast majority of their bags. Now the above label I could just about cope with, but the new-ish “RI” initials logo I just hate. I think it looks tacky and cheapens the bags. The majority of other high street shops I buy from do not have their shop name on the outside of the bag, Topshop don’t, Zara don’t, H&M don’t, Miss Selfridge don’t, etc etc. Is it just me that hates them? I now rarely buy handbags from River Island because the whacking great metal badge on the front of most of them puts me off SO much. I even dislike to use my River Island bags I already own that often because I hate the metal badge, I tried to get one off the other day but they are tough little buggers and alas it is still attached. I think bags with the logo badge on the outside should stick to the high-end designers, I think that high-street bags with the metal badge on the front look naff and cheap. I think that high-street bags look much more chic and expensive without a big metal logo on the front, and then you can even pretend your bag is much more high-end than it actually is! If theres a huge River Island badge on the front then you definitely can’t pretend that! Come on River Island, get rid of the horrible metal badges and let me fall in love with your handbag range again!

What do you think of River Island bags and metal logo badges?