She’s Like So Whatever

Dress – River Island

Denim Jacket – Zara

Shoes – Converse

Me and the boyf are one step closer to booking a last minute holiday! We’ve chosen where we want to go and now we just need to book, as long as the price doesn’t go up before we sit down to actually book. I’m getting so excited for some sun and pool time! Last night I ordered two new bikinis and today we went to town to look round the shops for any holiday clothes. Town was a big let down and we found absolutely nothing, so hopefully my bikinis turn up tomorrow and are ok! I probably don’t technically need any new clothes to go on holiday, but its just part of the fun of going on holiday 🙂

Are you going on holiday this year? 

This song popped up on my iPod the other day in the car and reminded me of my love for it! Haha