Baby Jane

gormless much? haha


Shirt – Blue Rinse Vintage

Leggings – Primark

Shoes – Primark

Watch – Vivienne Westwood


I think I look gormless about 75% of the time, I just can’t help it. Just a slouchy outfit post today, I love this shirt with the brown leather collar and its perfect paired with leggings for those lazy Sundays when you can’t really be bothered to get dressed. It also inspires me to start doing some clothing DIY. I went to London yesterday and popped into Urban Outfitters and Topshop on Oxford Street and was looking at the reworked vintage clothing they have in both of those shops. It really inspired me to start customising some of my clothes and buying some charity shops bits to rework into something new. My favourite was a cropped denim jacket with a patterned bandana sewn onto the top of it, I feel like I need to make that for myself! Maybe I’ll start up sewing again while I have this free time after uni before I have to go into the real world of work. I’ve also got a dress I started making last summer and never finished, probably had better dig that out and finish it! I actually quite miss a bit of sewing, it really feels like an accomplishment when you see the finished thing and know that you made it yourself!

oh and I’m thinking of including songs into my outfit posts just to show a song thats been in my head or I’m liking at the moment. So below is Baby Jane by Rod Stewart, I’m partial to a bit of old Rod after it was drummed into me via my parents when I was little. Little fact for ya, I’ve been to 2 concerts of his, and one I even had a plastic kids toy saxophone with me because I used to love miming the saxophone bit in one of his songs! What can I say, I was an unusual 8 year old! haha

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