Pink Collar Tips

Dress: ASOS

Shirt: Primark

I think I’m officially starting to panic. Final Major Project for uni is killing me, I have so much work to do and not enough hours in the day! The clocks going forward an hour tonight hasn’t helped either! Getting the balance of producing content for the social media pages, coming up with new ideas, and working on my sketchbook to document everything I’m doing is so hard. I need to plan some way to do a bit of each every day, but I’m finding it so hard at the moment. Is every one as terrified by final year as me? It hadn’t really hit me till now. Especially because my whole degree grade rests on this year, and this project is half of my grade *screams with panic inside*. I am also spending so much money at the moment to treat myself to make myself feel better about it all, my credit card is not loving life! But my purchases are making me happier haha! And in other news, yesterday I booked a two week holiday to Florida in September with the boy! So at least I have that to look forward to even if I fail university haha. Happy Easter everyone! 🙂