Hey Blondie

Dress: ASOS

Cardigan: River Island

Scarf: Matalan

Shoes: Carvela

So here it is, my blonde hair. As yet I feel like I’m still undecided if it works for me. Its not the exact colour I imagined in my head, but after 3 trips to the hairdressers, 2 of which were free of charge (toni&guy southampton really went out of their way to sort my hair out for me), I can’t really go back and say its not what I imagined still. Its not that I don’t like the colour, its just its not what I imagined, therefore its a lot to get used to and decide if it suits me. I’m at that stage where all my clothes look weird with the new hair and I can’t figure out how to dress myself, hopefully this will pass! But anyway, who knows, I always said blonde hair would be an experiment for me, maybe in a couple of months I’ll be back brunette, maybe I’ll be fully embracing the blonde! Either way, its only hair, it grows and you can dye it, its not the end of the world! 🙂