“Sales” Shopping

As I said in a previous post, I went sales shopping with some vouchers I got for Christmas, but I thought the sales were absolute rubbish. Instead I decided to treat myself to some nice makeup. I don’t own any high-end foundations so I decided seeing as I had the vouchers to use, I would take full advantage and invest in a nice foundation. I decided to go for the Laura Mercier Silk Creme after hearing some of my favourite bloggers rave about it including Lily of llymlrs.com, Kate of katelavie.com and Tanya of tanyaburr.co.uk. In the summer I bought the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser after another of my favourite bloggers, Anna of viviannadoesmakeup.com, raved about it. I bought it in the Space NK store in Bluewater and was matched up to the shade Nude. However, when I got it home and put it on my whole face, I looked horrifically orange and the shade did not match me at all. I was very disappointed and it has ended up sitting in my drawer unused ever since, such a waste of money. So this time I went to the Laura Mercier counter in John Lewis. I told the girl about all of this and said I only wanted to buy if I was exactly sure it was the right shade for me. So for the first time ever I was properly matched up to a foundation in a department store. She took all my makeup off (eeeeek!) and tried several different shades on me before settling on the shade Soft Ivory, which I think is the palest shade they do? Correct me if I’m wrong. She also used the Second Skin Cheek Colour on me in the shade Lotus Pink, so I decided “sod it, I’ll buy that as well if I’ve got vouchers”. So I came out of the shop a very happy girl. I have used the foundation most days since and I’m very very happy with my choice, its such a good colour for me, a little goes such a long way, and it lasts all day. My mum keeps commenting how much better my face looks now, why didn’t she tell me before she thought I looked orange! haha.

The other bits I got were two MAC lipsticks in the shades Russian Red and Rebel, a set of notebooks for my handbag from Cath Kidston, and a refillable perfume spray for my handbag. While I didn’t get anything in the sales, I am very happy with my purchases. However, I now have my eye on the MAC lipstick Brick-O-La because of one of my other favourite bloggers, Estée of esteelalonde.com. I need to stop being a student and have more money to fund this beauty obsession I’ve developed after discovering the delights of blogging and YouTube over this past year!

Also, I’ve realised how many bloggers I’ve actually mentioned in this one post, but they’re all so good and I love their blogs and YouTube videos, so if you haven’t watched any of them before then go and do it now!