It Had To Happen

I have the luck of living near an outlet centre both at home and near where I go to university, both of which have Kurt Geiger stores. I would probably say 9 times out of 10 that I go in these stores, I will buy something, I just can’t help myself! So these little beauties happened this weekend. I was at home and went into the store just to have a look and saw a sign saying all items £39 or under, those words meant I had to come away with something, it would have been rude not to! I noticed these gorgeous shoes in the size 4 section and desperately tried to fit my size 5 feet in them, but alas they were not to be. So I carried on browsing and then my mum came over with a pair of size 5 badboys! The only bad thing is we aren’t too sure if she stole them from someone else trying them on as she swooped them from the floor next to a girl trying on a whole bunch of shoes, oops! When I see a pair of shoes I love, I’m usually instantly in love so I quickly went to the till and paid before I could consider the fact that I’m a student and have no money haha. These are my new babies and I’m so pleased with them!

p.s. I also naughtily bought the shoes I featured in my last post on my Topshop Wishlist! They were in the sale, it had to be done before they sold out 😉