The Empties #1

I love watching empties videos on YouTube. I feel that they’re the best type of beauty product video because people have genuinely used up all of the product and gained a proper view of the product and can give it an accurate review. I am definitely not wanting to become a YouTuber any time soon (my high pitched child voice is one of the big issues haha). So instead I thought I’d write a blogpost on some of my empties I have gathered over the last few weeks, and here it is 🙂

Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream (from a GlossyBox)
I love the smell of this, it smelt really fresh and almost fruity. It felt really nice and silky on the skin but I don’t think it did any of the firming, lifting and toning that it claims to. Maybe this is because the size is only small and you need to use it over a longer period to see the effects. Overall a nice cream but I don’t think I would purchase it as I’m happy with using cheap moisturisers and body butters as this is £40 for 200ml

Soap and Glory Flakeaway Body Scrub £2.50
I wanted to try some of the Soap and Glory body scrubs as they have quite a few and lots of people seem to use them. Rather than buying a huge tub for £7/8 and not liking it, I thought I would buy 2 different ones in the travel size for only £2.50 to see whether I liked them before committing to the full size. I absolutely love this one. The smell is lovely, it doesn’t feel irritable on my skin and it works well as a scrub. The only gripe I have with it is the slight residue it leaves on your skin after use. However, I have already bought a full size tub in replacement for it because I really do love it.

Soap and Glory Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Body Buff £2.50
The second Soap and Glory scrub I chose to test before buying a full size was this one. I am oh so glad I decided to do that, because I hated this scrub. The smell of it is amazing, and after loving the Flakeaway one, I expected the same from this one. When I used it, it irritated my skin so much. It felt like I had rubbed salt into a cut, but instead that feeling was all over my legs. They stung so much after using this scrub. I used it up because I kept thinking with each use that wouldn’t happen, but it did. I definitely would not buy this scrub again.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner £2.99
This is my go-to toner. Before I started blogging I was in a complete routine with the same skincare products day in day out just because I though they were doing the job. This toner was just the one I have used for a couple of years because it was from the same brand as my cleanser. They were both cheap and did the job. I do like this toner as it has no scent and just feels refreshing on the skin. However, I don’t feel like it does anything to help my skin. Now I’m trying out more expensive brands and different products on my skin I don’t think I will buy this again in the near future but if I wanted to go back to basics then this is definitely the toner I would buy.

Monu Night Renewal Complex (from a GlossyBox)
I’d never heard of this brand before I received it in a GlossyBox so I thought I would try it out and see if I liked it. The main problem I had with this product is the smell, it was far too strong for my liking. I prefer face creams to smell fresh and light, the only way I can describe this was that it smelt heavy and perfumed. Applying thee cream felt very silky and lovely and my skin did feel quite plumped in the mornings. Overall I don’t think I would buy this product because I really didn’t like the smell and I don’t think its worth £30 for 50ml.

St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser Medium/Dark (free with Elle magazine)
As I subscribe to Elle, I am always just sent whatever free gift out of the hat, I don’t get to pick which colour/shade etc. Therefore I received the medium/dark shade which I would not normally have picked as I have quite fair skin. However I did really really like this product. It doesn’t have a horrible smell, it moisturises the skin well, and gives a great colour. As it is medium/dark it does give me quite a bit of colour with just one application which I quite like, but it has to be rubbed in very carefully as if I miss any bits then it does go quite streaky. Nonetheless I have already purchased the full size for about £14 as I think its a great product.

Tea Tree Oil Invigorating Body Wash £5
This is one of those products that had been hanging around in my shower for ages and I just thought I had better use it up. I don’t think it does anything blemished skin, however the smell is quite refreshing. I don’t think I would buy this again because I prefer other shower gels over this and I don’t think this does what it says it should.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette £44.50 (theperfumeshop)
I adore this perfume. This may be my first or my second bottle I’m not too sure but I love it. Its so fresh and girly. I already have a 100ml bottle of it in waiting that the boyf got me for christmas. I also used the body moisturiser that came in the christmas present box set, that was amazing too. I would definitely recommend this perfume.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner £4.50
A couple of months ago I decided that the best way to clear up my skin would be the ‘natural’ route and try back to basics Tea Tree Oil, so I went to the Body Shop and bought this and the Blemish Fade Night Lotion. I genuinely don’t think either of this products did anything at all for my skin. I would go as far as to say they were bad for my skin, I think I had more blemishes when I was using them than I did after I stopped using them. I actually threw the night lotion in the bin because I decided it was actually making my skin worse. I would definitely not purchase this agin.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (free with Glamour magazine)
I needed an eye cream at the time so I thought I would pick up this free sample in a magazine and see if I liked it. I don’t really have much to say about this, it wasn’t amazing and it wasn’t bad. I didn’t see any positive effects from it or any negatives. I don’t think I would purchase it again.

And thats the end of my waffle. I actually really enjoyed writing this review, I’m not an expert or anything like that so I quite like just giving my honest opinion and experience with the products (because I haven’t got much else to offer haha).