Origins Zero Oil

After seeing so many reviews on Youtube and various blogs about Origins skincare I decided I wanted to try some out for myself. The range I wanted to try was the zero oil range as I do have quite oily skin in the T-zone area. The only thing with skincare is if you buy a full size product then you can waste a lot of money on something that doesn’t actually work for you. So lucky for me, I found this sample size set in the Cosmetics Company Store. I saw it in the Bicester Outlet store but wasn’t sure whether to buy it, but when I saw it again in the Portsmouth Outlet I decided I wanted to try it out. It was £21 for the set of the 4 products. The set includes the Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser (30ml), Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner (50ml), Zero Oil Oil-free Moisture Lotion (15ml) and Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish (18ml).
Ive almost finished all but one of the products now. The only one I haven’t really used is the Instant Matte Finish because I’m not really sure what to do with it. However, I have to say I really like all of the other products. My skin definitely feels less oily, meaning that my make-up stays on longer, and all the blemishes I’ve had since using these products haven’t been as severe and seem to clear up a lot quicker than they normally do. Also, I really like the smell of the products, to me they smell ‘clean’ which is quite nice. I definitely think I’ll look into buying the cleanser and toner because these are my 2 favourites out of the products. Im not too fussed by the moisturiser. Obviously I’m not a skincare expert but I really think these products work well for me 🙂