New Jewellery Storage

When I went to New York, we stayed on Third Avenue, and a couple of blocks up from our hotel was ‘Dylan’s Candy Bar’. It is basically a massive sweet shop, created by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren. I had heard of it before and had seen it on Gossip Girl so I definitely wanted to have a look. I wanted to get something to keep from there rather than just sweets but I didn’t know what to get. Then the boyf spotted these! Obviously they are meant for holding sweets but he suggested I put jewellery in them (he does have some good ideas from time to time 😉 ). I absolutely love them! I did want some clear plastic Muji boxes recently, but when I saw these instead I thought they were much nicer with the little logo on them and it meant I could get something useful from Dylan’s Candy Bar :). I think the ‘tackle box’ as they called it was around $8 and the other two were $5 each, which works out at about £12, absolute bargain.

Anyway, just wanted to share my cute new jewellery storage 🙂