A Whirlwind Trip To Liverpool


I have had a massive break from my blog. I keep meaning to get back to it but with it being my birthday and going on holiday and a number of other things, I’ve completely neglected it. So I decided today would be the day I’d start posting again, therefore there is going to be a massive backlog of things I’ve done and things I’ve bought over the past few weeks that I want to post about 🙂

The first thing I wanted to do a little photo post of is when I went to Liverpool at the end of May. We only went for the day on the way up to my cousin’s wedding in Cumbria but it was the perfect day. It was roasting hot and we had a lovely day looking round Liverpool One and had a beautiful lunch at Pizza Express out in the sun. I haven’t been into Liverpool itself since I was about 15 and its definitely changed a lot! It used to be quite scruffy but its so nice now! I used to go a lot because I have family up there but we haven’t been in years so it was nice to see again, I definitely will be going back a lot more regularly from now on. I’m a complete sucker for the accent.

So over this next week I shall hopefully start posting more regularly again and getting back into my blogging 🙂