A Visit To London

Jacket: Zara

Shirt: charity shop

Jeans: Topshop Leigh jeans

Shoes: New Look

Bag: Mulberry Tillie

On Saturday I went to London for the day with my mum. Our plan was to go to 2 exhibitions. The first we went to was the Christian Louboutin one at the Design Museum. It closes on the 9th July so we wanted to see it before it ended, it hasn’t been on for very long which is a shame. Anyway, we went to that and it was really good, the only gripe I had with it was the written signs to describe and ‘narrate’ the  exhibition. Some of the signs had spelling mistakes which really irritated me (spelling nazi much), and the lighting and colours of the writing were practically impossible to read in some places. It was like no one had been to check whether everything was ok and ‘in order’. I’m sure no one else would notice or moan about these things but I think the creators should have paid a bit more attention to detail. Anyway, if you want to see the exhibition then get there quick before it ends 🙂

We then trekked over on the tube to the V&A to see the Ballgowns exhibition. We had a little wander around the recently renovated Fashion area and then planned to go and buy tickets for the actual exhibition. However when we got there, there was a sign saying all the tickets for that day had been sold. This has never happened to us before so that was a major pain. I think London is just going to get busier and busier over the summer with all the Olympics crowds, so we’re going to go back and see that one in the autumn when its quietened down. Luckily that one is on till January. I sound like an advert for exhibitions at the moment haha.

After that failure we went for a little wander down Bond Street and I got myself an expensive little treat which I will share a few pictures of this week. We also walked down the Burlington Arcade which was beautiful, and at the end we noticed the Laduree shop. I’ve seen their famous macarons (or macaroons, I’m not sure which is the correct spelling :S) all over blogs and the internet but never actually had one, so me and my mum indulged in some of those.

And finally we ended the day in Bella Italia on Shaftesbury Avenue and it was delicious, we ate far too much and I had the most sickly sweet dessert ever. Lovely end to a lovely day 🙂