Clothes Over The Last Month

H&M – £7.99 if I remember rightly
H&M – £12.99
H&M – £19.99
New Look – £14.99
H&M – £9.99ish? can’t remember the exact price
Florence & Fred at Tesco – £14ish? can’t remember the exact price
Florence & Fred at Tesco – £14 (please excuse the creases, it was crumpled in my bag after I wore it sorry!)
Topshop – £8 in the sale
                                          Charity Shop – £4.99

New Look – £5 in the sale
New Look – £12.99

I wasn’t planning on doing this post as all of this stuff was bought over the past month so I thought it was far too spread out to bother doing an overall post on. But after doing a makeup and accessories little post the other night, I figured why not do this as well 🙂

Apologies for the creases in most of the clothes, they’ve either been crumpled up after I’ve worn them, or crumpled up in the carrier bag they were bought in. I have no idea where the iron is in my student house so creases are just a standard way of life for me.

I bought a few of these bits at home, and a couple the other day back at uni. Looking back, it looks like I’ve bought loads recently! My justification keeps being that I need more summery clothes, providing that the weather bucks its ideas up in the near future! As much as I love England and being English, the weather is absolutely dreadful! I wish we could have more guaranteed hot weather and sun, rather than the hit and miss rubbish we do get.

I love all of these bits for different reasons, I was going to say a favourite but I literally can’t choose! Im just hoping that we get a bit of sun soon so I can wear the little playsuits and tops. I’m definitely more of a summer person than a winter person. So many people I know say they like dressing for the winter in lots of layers, I hate that, I’d much rather wear a cute summery dress or a top and a pair of shorts! Bring on summer 2012 🙂