What’s On My Dressing Table

This is a bit of a pointless post today, just thought I’d share what my dressing table looks like because I was taking some pictures whilst I tidied it (should have been doing work but oh well, got to love a bit of procrastination). I have realised after this little tidy that I have far too many barry m nail paints, this isn’t even my full collection, I have more at home, this is just my uni collection! I think I need to branch out and try some different brands, I just love barry m so much. I think its priced well, they have amazing colours and the coverage of them is great. I hate nail varnishes that look as if you hardly put nail varnish on or they’re such a ‘non’ colour thats all pale and boring. Colour is the way forward 😉 

I do really love my dressing table, it was one of my birthday presents from my mum last year and it is literally exactly what I dreamed of as a kid. My nan had a dressing table with 2 mirrors on it and a sliding wardrobe behind so I used to sit there for hours doing my hair, amazed that I could see the back of my head as well, simple minds haha. Ever since, I’ve always wanted my own dressing table. I initially saw a similar one to mine in a shop in Southampton and asked my mum if we could look at it when she came down to see me next, but when we went, the guy had already sold it :(. Fortunately, he told us that he was restoring another one at the time and we could look at that. That one is now the beauty sitting in my room 🙂 and its even better than the original one I saw.

I hope that I can always have this where I live for the rest of my life because it is perfect, I’m sat at it right now typing this. I hope my room in my uni house next year is big enough to fit it in otherwise I will be so upset.

Anyways enough of my rambling, I’d better get on and finish my presentation I have to give at uni tomorrow, I’m so stuck! I have no idea what to say!