What I Chucked On

Hoody: Topshop

Tshirt: On holiday somewhere

Jeans: Topshop Leigh

Shoes: Converse

This is what I chucked on this morning when I was running late for uni, 9am starts are not my friend, I’m never on time for them. I think the main reason is because we only have two 9am starts each week and one of them we finish at 11 and the other we finish at 10, so I do feel like its a bit of a waste of a half hour walk and me getting up early. If we had a full day or even more than one session, I could understand, but 9am for 1hr of uni and an hour roundtrip nearly of walking, not fun! 

After uni I popped into town to get a new foundation. I’ve had a maybelline mineral one for far too long (so gross) because I’ve hardly used it. I never really have been one for foundations, I always used to just use powder and concealer and save liquid foundation just for nights out. At the moment I’m using the 17 BB cream after seeing an advert in a magazine and my friend said it was good. I thought this would be a good middle road product to try before full on foundation. After using this I decided I might want to look into getting a proper liquid foundation rather than just BB cream. Also, I have recently become obsessed with youtube beauty videos and beauty blogs so this has spurred me on to get a proper foundation. So anyway, I went to town to get a new foundation and epically failed! I ended up buying a few bits I shouldn’t have from primark instead :/. I seriously don’t like buying foundation from Boots, Superdrug etc. The foundation area always looks so grimy where annoying people have decided to smear products everywhere while looking at the shades. It just looks so hideous and unhygienic. I’m not a massive makeup person at the moment so I don’t think I would really justify going to say, MAC and spending like 30 quid on a foundation, maybe when I’m a bit less poor, but for now its a no go. So I’m gonna have to stick to the grimy boots section haha. I think I might go in and choose my shade and then order online just because the bottles always look like someone could have already opened them in the store. I don’t want to spend my money on already opened goods! Gross or what!

Anyways enough of my ramblings, I’d better get on with some work I suppose 🙁