That Scarf Again

Jumper: Topshop

Vest (under jumper): Matalan

Shorts: HandM

Scarf: Primark

Shoes: Converse

So I’m wearing the same scarf as I wore on Monday, it was just the quickest thing I could whip on before 9am uni, absolute killer. I wore this on Wednesday but I thought I would spread out the posting of my outfits rather than posting 2 on the same day. I can’t believe its nearly the easter holidays, there is just over a week left of term and then its 3 weeks off. This year of uni has gone ridiculously fast, I can’t believe that soon I will be in my third year! Just had to choose my options for next year too, one of the units I chose was a work-based learning one, which is basically work experience and then you write about it for the assignment. This weekend I’m going to have to update my CV and start writing to people for work experience, we have to do about 4 weeks worth for it to qualify for this project. Im not really sure what I want to do, maybe magazine work or something in a fashion marketing/pr department. I think I might like to do a couple of placements rather than just one. Its all so daunting and scary, but its the big world of work and I’ve got to start somewhere, fingers crossed I get a placement somewhere 🙂