Shop ‘Til I Drop

Superdrug – Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Creams in Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake – £2.99 each, Tresemme Split Remedy masque – £2.95, Tresemme Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment masque – £2.35, Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry – £2.99, VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray – £3.39

Superdrug – Solait Self Tan Applicator Mitt – £3.49, Eylure lashes in 107 – £5.09, Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Fair – £5.99, MUA Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette – £3
                                            New Look sale – £12 – uksize 12
New Look sale – £5 uksize 12
New Look sale – £6 uksize 8
Primark mens – £12 size small
Primark mens – £11 size small
Primark – £13
Claires – Earrings – £5.50, Necklace – £4.50

This are a few things I have bought over the last week. I haven’t properly been shopping in a while so I went a bit too far on buying stuff this week. Also, I blame my boyfriend, whenever he comes and stays at mine we always somehow end up going to town and I end up buying things. He’s a bad influence on my bank balance. I bought the hair bits because I definitely need to start taking better care of my hair, my split ends are getting ridiculous, someone even asked if I’d had my hair cut last week! So my split ends are now making my hair look shorter, great. I bought these 2 tresemme masques because I looked at them the other week and when I went back in to Superdrug last week they were on the ‘better than half price’ offer so I decided to buy both, such girls logic. I also bought the heat defence spray because I really should start using some before my hair completely falls apart. I got the Collection 2000 Lip Creams after seeing them on various blogs and decided I wanted to try them for myself, as usual I couldn’t decide which colour and just got both instead.

The second Superdrug picture is what I bought yesterday. Its my friends 21st birthday at the weekend and her birthday night out is on thursday, so I definitely wanted some new fake lashes. I’ve tried these eylure ones before and liked them so I thought I’d give them another go. I bought the MUA eyeshadow palette because it was so cheap and because I’d seen it on a youtube video (can’t for the life of me think of whose because I watch so many). The fake tan and mitt are also for my friends birthday. I have never properly fake tanned in my life so I enlisted the help of my friend hayley and she told me to try this one as a newbie, because it washes off. She is also coming round to help me do it, she’s so good to me haha, so glad I’m living with her next year to help with the girly things that I don’t know how to do like tanning.

The clothes are more of what I bought with the boyf last week. Only went in New Look for him to return a shirt and I ended up leaving with 3 things! Typical! I bought the jumper in a size 12 because it was the only size they had and I really liked it, it fits fine though, just a bit loose. I also went up a size in the grey sleeveless tee, they did have my size but it came up really short so I thought I’d get a bigger size just to make it fit how I wanted. The long length tee could double as a dress with something underneath it, I just really liked it and imagined it for the summer with my leather jacket. The two Primark mens jumpers I absolutely love, I noticed them when the boyf was browsing and just had to get both, I couldn’t decide! I was even more excited about them when yesterday I watched Zoella’s latest haul video and saw that she had bought the aztec looking jumper as well. I love her style so I was really excited when I saw she had spotted and bought the jumper too. I got the jeans simply because I really want some floral jeans for the summer but I’m not sure how much I will wear them, and I figured at £13 it wasn’t really breaking the bank if I don’t wear them that often, rather than dropping like £40 in Topshop for a pair.

The jewellery is what I bought yesterday when I popped into town for a few bits. I really wanted some feather earrings after seeing a pair on the River Island website over the weekend and when I saw these cheaper versions in Claires I thought I’d get them instead. I got the necklace just because I thought it was cute 🙂

So this has been a massive long wordy post, so if you have read it all then thank you and well done. If not, then ahhhh well, at least you maybe looked at the pictures :). I would really love to do haul videos now and again like Zoella. I just love watching her videos and all the things she buys. I think I might try and do one in the future when I have more time, because no doubt I would take ages to perfect them because I’m so fussy about perfecting things. I don’t even know if anyone would want to listen to me ramble on but its something to do with my days and might make me a bit more confident in speaking out loud and presenting stuff which has always got to be good for uni and interviews 🙂

Anyways, I’ll shut up now, thanks for reading this essay if you did 🙂