Pink Jumper

Jumper: New Look

Jeans: Topshop Leigh

Necklace: Topshop

Shoes: New Look

This is my new jumper that I posted about the other week, I love it. Its so cosy and slouchy. I also like the colour of it, I think its perfect for coming into the summery months but its still a jumper so its warm to wear. I think I definitely want to post outfits as much as I can, rather than a set amount a week or whatever because I want it to be a bit more ‘honest’ in what I actually wear everyday. I don’t know how to word it properly but basically I want my outfit posts to reflect my actual style rather than just picking outfits that I think are particularly nice. I think that’ll help me change up my style a bit more often and just be a bit more ‘honest’ if you will.

This morning I had a bit of a crappy hair moment with dry shampoo. I don’t like to wash my hair everyday because all that jazz about stripping natural oils etc etc. So like a lot of people I dry shampoo in between washes. Ages ago I bought the Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo to try out, I hadn’t actually used it yet because I was waiting for my normal can of Batiste to run out. So this morning that happened and I decided to use the XXL Volume one. Oh my god, worst decision ever. I sprayed it on my roots like normal and the resulting texture was horrideous (yeah I know its not a real word). It felt so stiff and gross. Fair enough it did give my hair a tiny bit of body when I mussed it up a bit, but the feel of it was disgusting. It was dry and felt like straw. I then tried to spray normal Batiste over it, epic fail, just made it feel worse. Complete hair ‘mare, I will not be recommending the XXL Volume to anyone haha.