Jumper: Primark mens size small

Shorts: Hollister

Shoes: Vans

I’m still so undecided about this outfit, I really wasn’t sure whether to post it or not. I wanted to post it because I wanted to show how my new Primark mens’ jumper fitted me, but there’s something about this outfit that I’m not too sure on. I think my problem is with the shoes and the shorts, I wanted the top to be long enough to wear with leggings but its just that little bit too short. Then I tried on about 5 different pairs of shoes and settled with my vans but I’m still not sure I entirely like these with the outfit. But oh well, here it is anyway 🙂

I think I’m gonna go back to doing my weekly photos, I miss doing them because they encouraged me to take more photos when I’m doing things, and it just gives me something to look back on. I might not lay them out in the same way as I did before because I think that was too uniform and boring. So on sunday my weekly photos will be back 🙂