Bad Lighting

Dress: Topshop

Cardigan: Tesco

Shoes: New Look

Ring: Random stall on holiday

This is what I wore today to uni, bit of a silly choice in the end seeing as it was ridiculous windy and this dress is easily blown up in the air. I hardly ever wear it because I never think to get it out of my wardrobe, but a couple of people today have said to me that its nice so I think I might wear it a bit more often from now on :). Apologies for the really bad lighting, I took the photos when the sun was going down so the light coming through my window was really bad and hit all the wrong places. This week is going to be ridiculously busy with my first deadline of term looming next monday, so I’m either not going to be able to blog much or i’ll feel really bad blogging when I don’t really have time, I reckon its probably going to be the latter because at the moment I’m far too addicted to blogging and reading blogs. I wish this project was over, its really starting to grate on me, they emailed us today, less than a week away from deadline, telling us that our sketchbook should be at least 75% primary research. This is absolutely ludicrous, why tell us now when we don’t have time to do loads more primary research! My uni really does frustrate me at times.