Red Bows On Shiny Shoes

Coat: Barbour

Polo shirt: Asda

Necktie: FabricLand

Jeans: Topshop Leigh jeans

Shoes: Adidas

Bag (just seen): Twenty8Twelve

This is what I wore yesterday to London Fashion Weekend with my mum. I wanted something comfy for walking around all day in, but still to look alright in. After a mini fashion show of loads of different outfits with the boyfs housemates the night before (cringe haha) I decided to wear this. This is the first time I have worn these shoes and I absolutely love them. Also I constantly wear my Barbour jacket at the moment, I want to do a post about it but I just need to actually get round to doing it. I didn’t buy anything at London Fashion Weekend but I did go to Selfridges and buy a pair of black Topshop Leigh jeans, I now have 4 different pairs of Leigh jeans, all bought in the last month, I think I have a bit of a problem ! They just fit so well and are soooo comfy! This isn’t my previous outfit post style where I’ve taken them in my room, but I wanted to show this outfit and I wasn’t at home to take a cheeky picture before I left so I thought I would get my mum to take one and that would suffice. The pictures I took of my shoes were on the train on the way home when I was fiddling around learning how to manual focus my camera. I think I need to learn how to do a bit more on my camera so its used to its full abilities!