I’m A Kid At Heart

Jeans: Topshop Leigh jeans

Polo shirt: George at Asda kids school wear

Cardigan: Zara

Shoes: Adidas Sleek Series

Necktie: FabricLand

Sorry that there’s so many photos of this outfit but there was so many that I liked and couldn’t decide which ones to include. Also, sorry for the super posey-ness, i’m still trying to hone my posing technique haha. Recently I’ve been thinking that I wanted a white button up long sleeve shirt but I didn’t know where I could get a really plain one. Then I had a brainwave. When I’ve done fancy dress before I wore a kids polo shirt from Asda because it was cheap. As I’m quite small, it actually fitted pretty well so I figured that maybe I could get some long sleeve white shirts from there too. It means they’re cheap and exactly what I want. So the other week I went to Asda and ended up buying 4 short sleeve scallop collar polo shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts and one short sleeve shirt for the bargain price of about £17! Not bad if you ask me. The sizes I got were age 13-14 and they fit fine. I’m so chuffed with them, I think i’m gonna have to stock up! 🙂