Fur Lovin’

jumper: Topshop

black vest (underneath jumper): matalan

jeans: miss selfridge

boots: primark

fur: h&m

This is what I wore to uni on thursday. I love this jumper because its so slouchy and cosy but it is quite thin, hence the vest underneath it. Still loving my fur after wearing it on wednesday so I decided to chuck it on again, think its gonna be a wardrobe staple while the weather is so freezing. This pair of jeans are one of my staples as well, i’m always wearing them, and the little scuff on the knee is where I stacked it in the ice once and cut them open, not fun! I don’t think i’ll ever stop loving skinny jeans, bootcut or wide leg jeans just don’t do it for me, the skinnier the better. I also love these little boots i’m wearing, they were only cheap primark jobs but theyre so cute and have little a little fringing effect on the sides.