Film of the Week #1

I have so many ideas of things I want to include in my blog, this is one of them. As I love movies so much, and costumes in movies I thought that every week I would post about a film that I have watched that week, just as a bit of fashion inspiration from film :). Today I went to see The Muppets.

Now I know that The Muppets may not seem like the typical film to draw fashion inspiration, but when you think about it, Miss Piggy’s got style! In this movie she is even working at Vogue Paris, she’s got to have some style credentials to warrant that! (I know, its just a movie! haha)

When I started googling pictures to put on my blog of Miss Piggy I found out that InStyle magazine did a spread on her in November 2011. Seems a bit odd but it is a bit of a laugh and even some big designers got involved to custom make her outfits, including Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. So here’s Miss Piggy style icon! haha