Film of the Week #3

So this weeks post is a bit of a cheating one…

So I didn’t technically watch this movie this week, but I have watched 2 series of it this week so I thought I would cheat and use this as my film of the week as I haven’t really watched any other films of note this week. I think this movie pretty much speaks for itself in terms of why it is great fashion inspiration and a great movie for fashion. I think my favourite outfit from the movie is Carrie’s skirt suit that she wears at the end to marry big, its so simple and chic and the blue heels just complete it. I also love the outfit that Carrie wears to the hospital when Charlotte is having the baby, the cream decorated jacket and dress are so cute and I’d definitely wear them. Weirdly I also really like the outfit that Carrie wears when she arrives back at her apartment, the one with the massive big pink scarf, it looks so snuggly and cosy haha.

I don’t really love anything Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda wear so I’m not gonna pick out anything particularly that they wore.

I just love SJP, anything she wears looks good, even if its the most quirky fashion item or the most simple ensemble she looks chic and sophisticated. I will never ever tire of watching the sex and the city series or movies, they’re just amazing (apart from the annoying first few episodes of the first series when Carrie talks to the camera haha)

Also, this is my first time using the post break bit that creates the read more option, hopefully people have chosen to “read more” haha, just thought I’d try something new 🙂