Chains and Ladders

Shirt: George at Asda

Black tshirt (under shirt): Topshop

Shorts: H&M

Ballet pumps: New Look

Now I know George at Asda wouldn’t be your typical go-to place for fashion but I saw this as I walked into Asda the other day and I had to get it. It was in a little section at the front of the shop to show their new in stuff to make you go upstairs and look, and to be honest this was the only good thing they had on offer, but still, I think its so nice! They didnt have a size 8 so I just bought a size 10 but I think it fits fine anyway. And at only a tenner its an absolute bargain! I do know I have a big ladder in my tights but I only realised just before I took these photos and I couldn’t be bothered to change just for a photo. So all in all, check out george at Asda and you might find some gems once in a while haha 🙂