Busy Bee

Just a little preview picture of my outfit post tomorrow. The boyf is at mine today so he took some photos of me taking my outfit photos, it was a bit weird having him watch me haha. At the moment I am so busy with uni work as I have my first deadline of term on the 12th march so I’m really starting to panic that I’m not going to get it done, just going to have to work like a trooper for the next few days. The only annoying thing about this is that I have so many posts I want to do right now. I definitely am a bit post overloading in my brain. I’m just going to have to write down all the post ideas down that I want to write and write them whenever I have time :(. So the continuity of when I’ve done things and seen things and then posted about them won’t be quite right but for now its going to have to do. Since I started properly writing my blog a few weeks ago, I’ve become more and more addicted. I would love to post like 5 times a day but thats just not possible and it would seem pretty spammy and all over the place. I’m just going to have to curb my posting before my deadline and try not to feel bad about not doing posts and stop being so addicted to blogger

*major sad face*