Blazer and ‘Tache

blazer: zara

tshirt: h&m

thermal vest: matalan

leggings: topshop

boots: primark

fur: h&m

necklace: miss selfridge

ring: ebay

This is what I wore to uni on Friday. Yet again I’m wearing my fur :/ I just love it so much! I’ve had it since before christmas and I’m only just finding my love for it. I quite like this blazer but I never seem to wear it, now I’m being more conscious of what I wear, it got a rare outing from the wardrobe. I always seem to love the blazer and riding boot combo, I think I must be a horse-rider at heart or something haha. I thought this outfit was really nice until I got to uni and one of my friends said it looked like I was going for a job interview, oh well, you win some you lose some. I still like it. And I’m absolutely loving my new moustache ring that came in the post on friday. The only downside is that I’ve had to glue the ‘tache back on because it pinged off as soon as I put it on my finger, but what can you expect when you pay a couple of quid on ebay. I’ve superglued it back on and hopefully it’ll stay put from now on.