Awkward Turtle

jeans: new look

blouse: primark

black vest top: h&m

cardigan: zara

fur: h&m

ring: on holiday in puerto rico

black ballet pumps: new look

This is my first ever outfit post, consequently I need to do a bit of perfecting on my posing and actually looking at the camera. This is the outfit I wore to TGI Fridays on wednesday night with the boyf. I love the colour of these new jeans but like with most jeans, after I wore them for the night they started to get a bit baggy around my bum, so annoying! After wearing my fur on this occasion, I can’t seem to stop wearing it, at least its the perfect weather for it. Hopefully this will be the first outfit post of many, and hopefully ill start to perfect and hone my posing skills (and hiding the fact i’m using a remote to take the picture, totes obvious in my hand!)