More Couture

After looking at the first day of couture week, I decided to look at what else was shown in the following days. I meant to blog about this the other day but totally forgot so I thought i’d do it  now 🙂

I quite liked a lot of the looks from Jean Paul Gaultier, it was quite fun and quirky but I do think it was slightly in bad taste. The Amy Winehouse theme was way too soon after her death and quite disrespectful to her family in my opinion. It was probably done in all good faith as a tribute but for sensitivity reasons I do think they should have waited a few years for a show like that because it some ways it glamourises her life and lifestyle. Givenchy didn’t have too many looks, I liked a couple of them but the freaky thing done to the models’ mouths (not too sure what it was) really put me off. It creeped me out. I liked the silhouettes shown at Armani Prive and there were some beautiful fabrics used, but too much green for me, i’m not a big fan of green. I loved the aeroplane setting of Chanel but I didn’t really think much of what was shown, nothing wowed me. I didn’t like the low pockets on all of the garments, and the clothes seemed too simple.

my favourite looks of Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Armani Prive and Chanel (l-r)

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