Friday, 4 August 2017

That Zara Bag



Coat - Matalan (old)  |  Top - H&M  |  Jeans - New Look  |  Shoes - Primark
Bag - Zara  |  Earrings - ASOS (old)  |  Necklace - H&M


Instagram is definitely bad for my bank account. Once I start seeing something I like all over Instagram, the need to own it becomes more and more intense. This bag was one of those items.


It's what I like to call 'the Zara bag of summer 2017 dreams'. And EVERYONE seems to have it, or thats what it looked like to me on Instagram. I kept telling myself I didn't need it, but the more I saw it popping up, the more I wanted it.

Naturally as soon as I decided, right I need this bag in my life, it was out of stock. And none of the stores near to me had it in stock.

I officially resigned myself to missing out on this dreamy bag.

Green-Trench-Coat-Pink-Mules-4 Green-Trench-Coat-Pink-Mules-5 Green-Trench-Coat-Pink-Mules-1

But then one day when sitting in the doctors waiting room (random but true) I was scrolling on Twitter and someone I follow had posted that the bag was back in stock (annoyingly I can't remember who tweeted it but thank you to whoever it was!)

I then frantically sat in the waiting room trying to order the bag but my phone signal was so bad that the pages wouldn't load and I could never get to the checkout.

My appointment ended up being almost 50 minutes late so I sat there panicking that it would go out of stock before I could buy it. That's what the desperation to buy a must-have fashion item clearly does to me these days.

As soon as I got out of the doctors I sat in my car and finally put my order through. I was so chuffed that it would finally be mine, definitely saved from the regret of not buying it beforehand!

Green-Trench-Coat-Pink-Mules-11 Green-Trench-Coat-Pink-Mules-3

The Instagram bag FOMO was very real but luckily for me, this time I was able to snap up this beauty! 


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