Monday, 3 October 2016

Time To Wrap Up


  Matalan-Boots-4 Matalan-Boots-5 Matalan-Boots-3 Matalan-Boots-9 Matalan-Boots-2 Matalan-Boots-7 Matalan-Boots-1 Matalan-Boots-8
hat - NEW LOOK
shawl - c/o MATALAN
jumper - H&M
bag - c/o MATALAN
boots - c/o MATALAN
I'm not someone who deals well with cold weather. So when Autumn hits, I 100% need all the warm clothes and boots possible just to keep me ok to go outside. There's a quote I once saw on Instagram; 'I'm not going outside until the temperature is above my age'. That pretty much sums me up.
Unfortunately I do actually have to leave the house during the colder months. Luckily for me, Matalan got in touch to see if I wanted to try out a few of their new Autumn arrivals! A couple of years ago I bought this shawl from Matalan and absolutely loved it to wrap myself up in so naturally I had to go for another of their super cosy shawls. This burgundy one is perfect as it's a gorgeous colour for the Autumn and is plain so will go with pretty much anything.
I also snapped up a pair of western-style boots that I have been seeing everywhere right now. I've been after a pair of these for ages so I definitely had to get my hands on these! Again, being black they will literally go with anything so I'm sure I will be wearing these all season, and even into the Spring with dresses. I popped into my local Matalan at the weekend too and spotted so many other boots and shoes from their new footwear collection that I love. I think these boots and these flats are next up on my must-buy list. 
The only problem is figuring out where they're going to fit in my new house. Anyone got a spare house they want to loan me as a wardrobe?
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  1. Nice one! I went for the burgundy shawl, too as it is such a cosy and versatile piece. Love how you've teamed it up with the grey jumper and the matching accessories. The bag fits great to the buckle ankle boots and the hat gives your look an edgy touch. Happy weekend x

    Caz | Style Lingua


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